Quality and Food Safety Policy

Danipack, Indústria de Plásticos S.A., aims at being a reference company both in the national and international market, in the design and production of flexible plastic packaging and vacuum bags.

The Administration is aware of the importance of Quality and Food Safety for Danipack´s success and valorization; in that sense, it is committed to the certification implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management and Food Safety System, in order to comply with the norms NP EN ISO 9001, BRC Standard Packaging requirements, as well as the Clients’ and interested parties’ requirements, thus providing the necessary resources. 

Quality is based on the following principles:

• To meet the needs and expectations of its Customers and Stakeholders, always supplying excellent products that meet or exceed our Clients’ expectations.
• To promote a FOOD SAFETY CULTURE based on the company's values, beliefs, norms and behaviours, through information, training, engagement and awareness of all its members.
• To promote the company's sustainability through a proactive attitude and posture, related to quality, legality, authenticity and food safety.
• To implement a culture of Continuous Improvement, based on transparency, communication and participation of all stakeholders.
• To engage and motivate the employees through skills development, team building and their accountability.
• To ensure the Food Safety of our products, using methodologies, practices and infrastructures that guarantee that same safety.
• To guarantee procedures that minimize fraudulent behaviour.